"To know many languages is to have a lot of keys to one lock."

Voltaire (1694 - 1778), french philosopher

Be smart academy is a bilingual, English-German Kindergarten with 180 families from 40 nations with one thing in common: namely that English is spoken in their families. We create the setting for growing up and learning in an international, tolerant, progressive, peaceful and caring environment. The promotion of the understanding and acceptance of differing cultures, ways of life, religions, points of view and backgrounds determines everything that we do. We live out the concept of the international way of life. As the frequent first port of call for families from all around the world, we make our contribution towards rapid integration into our multicultural society and offer a helping hand.Working with the Berliner Bildungsprogram (Berlin Educational Framework) and the immersion method, our primary focus, in the light of the children’s bilingualism, is their linguistic development in conjunction with their cognitive and creative learning.

The early promotion of children’s linguistic competence in our multilingual society is our key to educational success in a multicultural world. Our educational goal lies in the optimal, holistic preparation of the be smart acadmy’s children for English-speaking and bilingual state, international or private primary schools offering all-day education. The significantly project-oriented tasks in the weekly program are centered on international curricula, as well as the Berlin Educational Framework. The basis for success is the best possible co-operation between the Träger (responsible body), management, educators and parents. This co-operation is characterized by transparency and the use of the latest communication and assessment methods.

Basic Educational Goals

Vital educational goals consist of self-awareness and autonomy, language and practical skills, learning abilities as well as social skills. The foundation for the attainment of these competences is an age-appropriate educational concept that is based on the Berlin Educational Framework, international curricula and the immersion method.

Linguistic Balance

All groups are cared for and taught by a native English speaking teacher and a native German speaking teacher. Both teachers are scheduled with the same working hours and they are equally responsible for teaching the children. Each teacher communicates in their mother tongue.

This enables the children to build a stable language connection with each teacher. English speaking substitute teachers help maintain the language ratio. Language based projects are offered in small groups to help with a more individual learning experience. Every child has an individual education plan to help with any language barriers. Documentation and the bi-annual development report helps keep track of the child’s language development.